from May 5 to 8, 2015


UNILASALLE  |  Av. Victor Barreto, 2288 - Canoas, RS - Brasil

General Coordinator

Germano Schwartz e Renata Costa

Presentation / about the Congress

The Master in Law and Society of Unilasalle, under Germano Schwartz’s direction, is organizing, in collaboration with the Research Committee on Sociology of Law of the International Sociological Association (ISA/RCSL) and Associação Brasileira de Pesquisadores em Sociologia do Direito (ABRASD), with the support of the CNPq (National Council of Scientific and Technologic Development) and in partnership with Master in Law – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, a Congress which will take place in Canoas (RS – Brasil), from May 5 to 8, 2015.

The Congress will be held on the theme: Sociology of Law on the Move: Perspectives from Latin America.

English, Portuguese, French and Spanish will be used, although without simultaneous translation except in the plenary sessions which will be translated from the Portuguese to the English and vice-versa.

Plenary sessions will take place each morning; workshop sessions will be scheduled in the afternoon. The coordination of the scientific organization of the Congress is ensured by Renata Almeida da Costa.

Information will be updated each month on the same site.

Further information may be available on the Secretariat of the Congress: Raffaela Buratto.

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Opening Ceremony

- Brazilian and Rio Grande do Sul Anthem

- Opening adresses from

a) Unilasalle Dean: Ir. Dr. Paulo Fossati;
b) RCSL President: Masayuki Murayama;
c) ABRASD President: Artur Stamford;
d) IISJ Scientific Director: Adam Czarnota;
e) Coordinator of the Master in Law of Unilasalle: Dr. Germano Schwartz;
f) Coordinator of the School of Law (Unilasalle – Canoas): Dr. Daniel Achutti;
g) Coordinator of Law at CAPES: Dr. Gustavo Ferreira Santos.

First Plenary Session - Main Auditorium

Foreigner Speaker: Prof. Lawrence Friedmann - (USA) - Stanford University - (Video Conference)

Latin American Speaker: Antonio Azuela de la Cueva - (México) - UNAM

Unilasalle Mediator: Prof. Sérgio Cademartori - (Brazil) – Unilasalle

Foreigner Speaker: Masayuki Muraiama - (Japan) - Meiji University | “From a Local Question to a Universal Quest –Transformation of the Kawashima’s Idea of the Japanese Legal Consciousness”

Second Plenary Session - Main Auditorium

 Socio-Legal Theories and the Third Millenium

Foreigner Speaker: Hakan Hyden - (Sweden) - Lund University | "Norm science - giving Sociology of law a significant scientific field"

Latin American Speaker: Marcelo Pereira de Mello - (Brazil) - UFF | "Desafios contemporâneos das políticas de imigração"

Mediator: Leonel Ohlweiler - (Brazil) - Unilasalle

Brazilian Speaker: Juliana Neuenschander Magalhães - (Brazil) - UFRJ

Third Plenary Session - Main Auditorium

Sociology of Law in Latin America

From Brazil – Leonel Severo Rocha (Unisinos)

From Venezuela - Rogelio Pérez Perdomo (Universidad Metropolitana de Caracas)

From Chile - Aldo Mascareño (UAI) | The Management of Social Crises Through Law: The Chilean Case

From Argentina - Susana Novick (UBA)

From Uruguay - Luis Eduardo Morás (Universidad de Córdoba)

Mediator (Unilasalle) – Daniel Achutti

Fourth Plenary Session - Main Auditorium

Sociology of Constitutions

Foreigner Speaker - Jiri Pribán (Cardiff University) | "The Sociological Concept of Constitutional Law"

Foreigner Speaker - Alberto Febbrajo (Italy)

Brazilian Speaker - Sandra Vial (Unisinos)

Mediator (Unilasalle) - Selma Petterle

Painel: Exclusão Social, Autopoiesis e Corrução Sistêmica - Auditório Ir. Bruno Ruedell

Painel: Exclusão Social, Autopoiesis e Corrução Sistêmica - Aplicabilidade da teoria da sociedade de Niklas Luhmann à América Latina.

Local: Auditório Ir. Bruno Ruedell

Artur Stamford da Silva (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco) - Reflexões politicamente incorretas sobre a aplicação da inclusão/exclusão de Luhmann ao Brasil

Antônio Brasil (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - Diferenciação e exclusão: uma releitura de Florestan Fernandes a partir de Niklas Luhmann

Aldo Mascareño (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez – Chile) - Gino Germani, sociólogo de asincronías y diferencias

Germano Schwartz (UNILASALLE) - O Uso do Pensamento de Niklas Luhmann nos Julgados do Supremo Tribunal Federal

Closing Ceremony

Unilasalle Dean

Congress Organizer

RCSL President

ABRASD President

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Germano Schwartz

Germano Schwartz


General Coordinator

Renata Almeida

Renata Costa


General Coordinator

Marcos Catalan

Marcos Catalan


Executive Coordinator

Salo de Carvalho

Salo de Carvalho


Scientific Coordinator

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Event FAQS / find your answers

Abstracts (for both papers and panels)

  • Abstract format: maximum 1500 characters
  • Language for the abstract: English (RCSL WGs), Portuguese (ABRASD Wgs). Check the languages for each WG of the Unilasalle Master in Law and Society and for the proposed panels.

Final Papers

  • Final Papers format: maximum 25 pages in word
  • Author-Data. Times New Roman, 12. Space between paragraphs: 1,5
  • Language for the communication: English / Portuguese/ French / Spanish
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FROM USA - American Airline has a direct flight from Miami to Porto Alegre, the nearest airport.

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FROM CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBE – COPA AIRLINES has a direct flight from Panama City to Porto Alegre.

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  • Welcome Cocktail, Coffee Breaks and Bag with documents.
  • Typical Brazilian Dinner (May 7th, 2015 – 8:30pm).
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Av. Victor Barreto, 2288
Canoas/RS, Brasil
+55 51 3232-3126

May 5th through 8th, 2015

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